It is easy to make a video. Pick up a camera and start shooting; or just turn on the live-feature on your favourite social-media. It is so easy that every one is doing it: your friends, student-interns, and even your neighbour’s kid (yes, the one who is in grade 2!).
Then why would you need us- a video production company led by an award-winning filmmaker with more than a decade’s experience in video- storytelling?
Because we make videos that reflect the professional standards of our clients. That is, videos that are outstanding, high-concept and of superior production-quality. The kind you will be proud to put your logo on.
We design videos to do what you need them to do, whether it is to raise funds, inspire social change, attract more clients, train users or increase the visibility of your brand. So when it comes to engaging & driving your prospective clients, donors or sponsors, who are already overwhelmed with large volume of amateur content, our videos work.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these testimonials by our clients and watch the videos we have made.
And then contact us to find out how we can work in your budget.
Now that is even easier.



Shazia Javed

Shazia Javed is an award-winning film Producer and Director. She has directed with the National Film Board and her work has screened at prestigious film-festivals such as Hot Docs, DOXA, Durban International and MIFF. Her latest documentary, 3 Seconds Divorce made its broadcast premiere on ORF and has been acquired by a leading distributor. Shazia actively engages with her local community through her work and has taught various workshops on film making. She has a MFA in Film from York University.