3 Seconds Divorce
( | 52 Minutes|Documentary| 2018

3 Seconds Divorce tells the story of Indian Muslim who spearheaded the movement for ban on triple-divorce, a practice attributed to sharia that makes it legal for Muslim men to divorce their wives instantly, orally and one-sidedly by simply stating the word ‘ talaq’ three times.

9 minutes | Documentary| 2009

This short documentary tells the intensely personal story of Namrata Gill – one of the many real-life inspirations for Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth – in her own words. After six years, Gill courageously leaves an abusive relationship and launches a surprising new career.

Written & Directed by Shazia Javed. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Can You Hear Me ?
3 Minutes | Experimental/New Media| 2015

A muslim woman wonders why her neighbours can hear her or not as she appears wearing different clothing. This award-winning film invites audience to challenge their own pre-conceptions of muslim women.